Deeply Felt

Deeply Felt, 20×24, acrylic on wrapped canvas

Price: $400.00

This was done in Spring of 2020 while working at a live-in Caretaker job. My health was bad, each day was a struggle, and as a BTS fan, I listened to the song: Black Swan. This is the result.

I had originally thought of a Magritte painting that had a doorway. Many of his paintings had that, and it was propped the other way, in width. But it looks so scary like that, The tall angle works better. Again, any angle that speaks to you is best. (btw, the photo is signed for digital, but not in reality. I sign the back.)

I wanted something too deep for words and felt the song got me there. May as well call me-The Musical Artist, because it moves me to a place that helps my work. It was meant to be more Conceptual than anything, so it is a mix of expressionism, and conceptual.

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