The Process

I use Acrylics mostly, but have done a few paintings in Oil Pastels as well. When I first started painting, I used Eco Friendly Oil Paints. I did about a dozen practice canvases using oil. I like it, but the colors are very limiting so I can’t use it all the time.

I paint fast and spontaneous, some take longer but many don’t. Some are done with layers that can take hours though.

I get inspiration from almost anything, and then I turn into something else completely different.

I prefer to paint with anything but a brush if I can help it. Brushes are too limiting. I use household tools and odd items, and will try anything to play around with.

Techniques used are wiping, scraping, spraying, dripping, and working in layers.

I paint with music on to stir me to an emotional place. Usually, Indie music for it’s soft, flowing, trance like melody like: Ruelle.

I love being in an emotional place that is calm and yet deep, to paint in.

I love painting with purple, dark blue, and black the most.