Payment Plans to Own a Painting

I am not offering a service by contract, where you can make payments weekly or monthly to own a painting if you can’t afford it now. It is securing a spot, and holding the painting for your own. At the end of the last payment, it will be shipped. Because of complications, I don’t do returns, but instead do exchanges. if you have any issues with a painting, exchange it for another one, or a commission can be discussed.

For the cheaper paintings of $200+, you can go for $50.00 a week or $100.00

You can also pay $100.00 a month

For more expensive paintings 400+, you can pay $50.00 weekly, or $100.00 weekly, or pay monthly,$100.00 to 200.00 a month.

**In other words, I am flexible to discuss payment plans with you. Serious replies only,

To show your seriousness on a painting, I expect a deposit of $50.00 on any painting, to be paid upfront to avoid scams.

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