Raw Pain

Raw Pain, 15×20, acrylic on flat canvas

Price: $275.00

This painting was done a month after my Father died in March of 2019. I used my fingers and a scraper, but mostly my fingers on the white part. I was all but sweating from emotion. I know pain is hard to express, and it does not have to be miserable, but passionate. Hope always comes after, but pain needs to be expressed first and seen.

To brighten things up though, this painting is not a downer depending on how you look at it! I added it to a room and here is what it looks like:

I digitally designed this room. My painting has been scaled a bit larger. I offer this service of matching my artwork to your home if any are interested.

To buy directly, go to the main menu on this site to ECrater or ArtPal. Ships within a few days. No returns, but I do exchanges. If the item is damaged in any way, let me know. Painting currently ships from North Carolina. I do ship Internationally depending on size, the price is from $10.00 to 30.00 for shipping.