Below are teachers that are excellent that teach The Gospel of Grace, and or Faith:

Escape to Reality

This is the blog of Paul Ellis, who coined the word: “hypergrace”. He has been blogging for years, and has a few books on the Gospel of Grace. His blog goes into detail about the all misconceptions Christians have on who God is.

**The Grace Glossary with Paul Ellis new, and explains what biblical words mean in correct context:Grace Glossary

Joseph Prince Ministries A Pastor in Singapore, really awesome guy!

Audrey Mack. She is a French woman that speaks American and is tough as nails, fierce in her faith!

Mark DeJesus. Strong, down to earth Teacher that helps in connecting to God and mental health issues.

Bonnie Gray. She is the kindest woman, and deeply connects to God and believes in his great love for us in a personal way.