I match my Artwork to your home’s decor and paint color, in the room you want it in.

I studied privately on my own for years understanding color and decor in relation to art. This was prior to me becoming an Artist. I have a strong love for decorating and color. So if you are interested in getting help matching up a painting you bought of mine, to a wall, I will be glad to help! I can also help you choose colors in your decor if you don’t have any, and help with furniture, drapery colors as well.

A full workup of a room will cost: $200.00

Just matching one paint color and nothing else: $75.00

If you purchase a painting, and want this service, fill out this form after the purchase. The Subject line sent to me says you are interested. Deposit the amount needed depending on what you choose above. Send it to:

I started in 2013 working on digital rooms of other people’s artwork. I was not an Artist at the time but loved Abstract Art. I had no idea I would become an Artist myself. I worked for two years off and on, on digital rooms using phot editing programs. They are very limiting though, so I could do no do angles, but had to make it straight on. Here are some rooms I did to show you how they match the Art:

What you can expect:

I will ask several questions about your home’s color scheme, and we can discuss ideas. I can tell you what colors to match, and give ideas on Decor and Furniture if needed. You will need to be able to record a video of the room in question from end to end, and take a few still shots of the room also.

Read the blog post for more photos about this service here

If you have any questions email me at: