What To Do If Your Broken

To me, “broken” means quite a large number of things. In the quiz you just answered, you can tell many believers do not think we are supposed to question things because suffering is part of the Christian life, but NOT if it is wearing you down.

I am in the process of learning about this myself, and will share what I have learned.

What I have realized is you are not just a robot believer with nothing else inside of you. The same you exists before you were saved. Your internal belief system stays the same. The way you feel about your past, yourself, your life never changes. If you have problems that have not been healed yet, keep in mind it is a multilayer process.

When I went to therapy in 2020, I learned that just caring about mental health was not a sin. As long as the techniques given were not New Age, or from the Occult than basic Psychology can be used. For instance, journalling, getting to the root of your problems, exploring your desires and deepest needs, these things will chase you down anyway. Repression is wrong no matter what.

We misunderstand the phrase: Cast down Imaginations. What it means instead is more stronger self control over our emotions so we don’t berate ourselves, get in downward spirals, and skyrocket towards depression and anxiety.

I have tried ignoring my own problems, repressing them, pushing back, and did what other says-read your bible and pray. Guess what? Didn’t work. You know why? Because you will never ever change if you don’t deal with what is bugging you deep down. You can read the whole bible and memorize it, but if you don’t believe it, or can’t access it inside, than it means nothing.

You have to let God in which is very difficult, and just like a shrink, he should reveal to you kindly(because if it is insulting or degrading it is not from God), the root of your issues. You may not want to see it.

I remember in therapy, I had to do phone calls with my Counselor, and I realized how hard it was for me to even to hell what was wrong. I did not want to tell anyone, anything after all. I was afraid anything I said would just be given some shoddy advice, and I would be deeply hurt, and walk away more wounded than before, because I had major trust issues. I quit after a few months because of finances and I lost my job after that, and was not able to go back, but I was not ready anyway. Two months of talking and all I learned was how scared I am of talking to others and seeking help.

I think we can do a lot of work ourselves if we have God put the right people in our path to help us instead of hurt us.

One thing my therapist told me to do that resonated with me was to find things every single day that make you happy. Non sinful things of course, but self care is very important to healing.

For instance, I put a vanity in my room, and force myself to brush my hair there, put on makeup, play around.

I am getting into Calligraphy some, plants, and other hobbies and I think it is the little things that really help you in your life.

I think the answer lies in not ignoring ourselves, not dismissing our feelings, and telling ourselves we can feel the way we do, and that is okay. We have to live with ourselves, so how we talk to ourselves matter, what we think matters.

For me, and many others of faith, we spent more time worrying about sin, and performance than we do on caring for our needs. This is a whole package deal of mental, spiritual, and physical. We can’t fix one, ignore all the others. We are more than just a body.

Healing is slow and starts with prayer. Write it down if you don’t have the guts to tell God in prayer, it is what I do often. Write a journal entry out, pray to God to read it, take it and end the prayer without saying anything else. He understands.

I prayed that way, wrote a letter, went about my business, and within a day something popped up that lead me on a healing journey. There has to be a slight level of trust, whatever mustard seed you can give.

I will pray now as you finish this, that what you seek will be given and shown to you. That the Father can help even if it feels impossible.

In the meantime, keep reading my blog.

Let’s heal together!